Before reading … Go outside your comfort zone… Traveling is for relaxing mind not body…. so tips are

  1. Gather information:

First part is planning so you don’t need guide. Read all blogs you can find. Learn from others mistakes. Don’t go unplanned.

  1. Travel off-season:

Hotels are cheaper. Locals help a lot. And best part less crowd means more beautiful scenery. We have stayed in hotels for Rs 100 per head in Shimla and Rishikesh.


  1. Travel by night:

Take a train/bus which will take overnight. Take rest in bus so that you don’t need hotel for night. We went to Bikaner-Jaisalmer-Jodhpur and didn’t book a single hotel room. This doesn’t apply where journey is more important than destination.

  1. Bags in cloakroom:
    If you don’t have hotel rooms booked, just put your bags in cloakroom somewhere. Cinemas/ Tourist places etc always have these services. You can pick your bags at night when you are done sightseeing.dsc01567_1600x1200
  2. Book seats in advance:

Sleeper class train reservations are very cheap in India. If you are even 40% sure about your traveling dates book tickets. You can cancel them later. It’s better than taking a bus.

  1. Travel in group of 3-4:

You can book single Room/ taxi in group of 3-4. It’s cheaper that way. Plus bigger group always bring problems like small quarrel, time to get ready etc.

  1. One rucksack rule:

One carry one bag and that too should be on your back. You can carry more weight that way and hands are free.

  1. Talk:

There are very few rude people out there. So try talking to people. Free suggestions are easy to get and they are very helpful. But don’t give too much information about yourself.

  1. Travel like local:

We wanted to go to Gulmarg from Srinagar. We asked for taxi, it was around Rs.1200. So we asked around for bus station. Took a bus for Rs.33 to Tangmarg and another shared jeep for Rs.40 per person to Gulmarg. Rs. 73 per head x 3 person and return= 73 X 3 X 2 =Rs.438. Always travel like local.el-gouna-bus-by-jeremy-page

  1. Eat less:
    One of the biggest expenditure on traveling is food. So try eating less or bring your own food from home. May I suggest Maggi for few days?
  2. Shopping … nah:

You can buy everything online. But if you are fond of shopping and have to buy something, buy things which are available only there. Don’t buy touristy things. Buy from local road shops.